Construction Sciences

The details ensure a better building actually gets built SKAB Metal is one of the few construction companies with an active Building Sciences group. This means our people are continuously identifying issues, proofing solutions, and delivering specialized knowledge. We paying attention to the details ensures a better quality building actually gets built. It ensures a building will last and function as it is supposed to. It also ensures a smoother, and faster transition from the conceptual design to the final execution.

It's the way we think about the details that sets our team apart. It's what drives our efforts to find innovative ways to do things better and solve problems more efficiently.

Our Engineering, Building Sciences and Quality Assurance teams get actively involved, from the beginning of a project to completion, to optimize the execution plan for your project in a number of areas.

The fact is our Engineering, Building Sciences and quality assurance teams have solved many of the trickiest building challenges across the country including those dealing with concrete forming, concrete design mixes and quality assurance and self-consolidating concrete.


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