kitchen2The English Carpenter will work closely with a designer to draw up a plan to create your dream kitchen and ensure that every detail is covered before the first hammer is raised.

  • Cabinet design, product and installation
  • Counter top, Island, and backsplash
  • Cabinet lighting, and Cabinet refaxing


We can take your specification and provide a complete kitchen design service. We also provide a fit  only service. Unlike most contractors engaged on behalf of kitchen suppliers we will also take care of the additional works required in renovating your kitchen such as tiling, electrical changes, structural alterations and decorating. We can design, supply and fit any type of Kitchen you desire. We have carpenters experienced in building handcrafted kitchens as well as the leading brands in North America.


We develop a schedule ahead of time and make sure that the necessary trades are ready to go when needed in order to get life back to normal for you.

When it comes time to renovate one of the busiest rooms in the entire house careful planning is needed to ensure a smooth transition from old to new.